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Munitian Salet with Low visor pivot£360

This helmet has a 2mm skull and 1.6mm visor,and will show some light hammer marks

Italian Export Salet £400  (SOLD)

This helm sports a 2mm thick skull of expert form and a difficult to make 'one piece' brow-reinforced visor(not welded),with distinctive narrow chin and inward roll to the bottom edge giving exceptionaly clean lines.This style has also been attributed to being Flemish.Supplied with leather spider and lining band attatched with brass rivets.

Open Salet £280

A well shaped archers salet made from 2mm plate,with rolled edge around the entire bottom edge and a leather lining and chin strap,available in black or polished hammer finish.

A very accurate copy of what is known as the Blithfield Salet made for Paul Morris of the York city Levy.Paul provided me with a report written by Claude Blaire to help with the making.This helm is similar to others found in English churches in that it has a low visor pivot,also the crest mounting slot on the top suggests it may have been a high status piece back in the late C15th,and also has a very effective  wrap-round brow reinforce,for which I used the same paper pattern as an armet reinforce.This extra protection adds weight making my helm nearly 7lbs the same as the original.The report also tells us it has Italian split cross armouers marks,meaning that this is an Italian Export helm possibly made in what has been labeled 'The English Style' by some.This helmet is available for special commission only

As you can see the visor is very similar to the 'Coventry Salet'

Also the decoration at the top of the reinforce is a nice touch(complement to the medieval armourers)

German Salet With  jaw bone Visor £420

In this case polished and blued, brass lining band rivets,and conical visor pivots,add £30.

Coventry Salet £450

A good copy of the one of only about three of this distinctive style of salet from St Mary's Hall  and now sometimes displayed in the Herbert Art Gallery Covenrty near to the Cathedral.This helmet has a distinctive pronouced inward roll around a wire bead if about 2.4mm,which I have copied after handling the original.

German styled Salet with brow reinforce and articulated neck lames £450

Helmet seen unfinished here.

Helmsmid Style Falling Bevor £120

With leather band riveted inside to attatch lining bands,panited interior and 'vee' section stop rib on upperedge of falling lame and bronze rivets.

Late 16th century Burgonet £450

Black hammer finish. 2mm plate

13TH Century Kettle hat

Made using the 'Maciejowski Bible' Illustratiuions as reference                From 16 gauge plate.