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Gothic Arm Defence  (POA)

I was asked by a customer to make some very light arm harness,as his 'Avant' style pauldren ,vambrace and gauntlet assembly weighing in at 7.5 kg was enclosing and protective for jousting ,and was also light for this style,being made of hardened spring steel many of the plates being 0.9mm thick ,but we thought we could do better.With carefull design I have reduced this to 4.1kg and made a highly flexible arm harness for 'Club Tournai'.Later I will make some fluted besegews to finish it of.Authentic detail like bronze buckles ,real hinges and hand made washers make this a pleasure to handle for the armour enthusiast.

Here can be seen the assembled vambrace 

And here also a rear view,notice the beautiful from of the 'Lorenz Helmsmidt'style couter

And here can be seen the un-assembled  pieces.The upper canon made of 0.6mm steel.couter of 1.2mm,pauldren 0.9mm

And here some pictures of the highly flexible fingered gauntlet ,super light at 0.58kg the multiple plates actuate over each other to give up and down movement.and sliding rivets side to to side movement.The cuff is extended to the elbow eliminating the need for a lower canon and saving weight.Wrist movement is un-impeded due to the superb articulation.

Gothic pauldrens £500 pair

These can be made with built in upper canon as shown,or with a rolled lower edge to allow for a separate enclosed canon.

Gothic Vambrace £500 pair Below

Milanese Vambrace With Removable Reinforce on Left Side £650 pair

In this example spring steel is used(extra 33% on price)

Italian Vambrace £300 and Demi Pauldren £230

See armour in stock page for more views of vambrace.Seen here held in temprary position for display purposes.