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36 inch blade ,46.5inch overall length,3-4mm land,Balance 4inch,weight 2lb8ozcolumn 2
row 2

All four detailed below

Arming Sword  £210  SOLD

A sword that is 13th century or late Medieval in style and is made for re-enactment fighting.It is very light and fast and has a diamond section blade fullered for 2/3 it's length.



3LB3OZ,8.5INCH TANG,BALANCE 2.5INCH,LAND 3MM,tip 15mm wide.

30inch Single Hander Hollow Ground Tournament Blade £210 in stock with red leather grip.

Land 3.5mm,balance 70mm,2lbs 10oz.

28Inch Falchion single edge blade £210 SOLD

Land 3mm,balance 100mm,weight 2.5lbs

Sharp Hand and Half,37inch blade,with 18carot gilded hilt and sacabbard fittings.SOLD This sword was made by special commision.

Seen here before the end of the tang is hammered over.The blade is a classic late 15th cent. thrust sword with stiff blade.the fullers are finished with precision and there are no imperfections when you look down the blade and bounce the light off it.

Metal work prior to guilding.

The blade is triple fullered at the forte,the cenral one being longer.The section then transforms to a flat faced diamond section,sometimes I hollow grind this section also.

Pommel detail

The scabbard is wood lined with 18crt fittings

Sharp German Hand And Half,36 inch Hollow Ground Blade £450 sold

Also available for commission.

Selection Of Two Handed Swords £290-£320 sold

40Inch blades ,52Inch overall length around 3.5 lbs,30 Inch blade shown only for scale.Sword on far left for sale shown below.

Sharp Arming Sword £280  for sale

A very light sword with a good balance good for fast controllable cutting with out causing fatigue to the user.The blade has a .25mm land so it will cut but is not over sharp,this is ideal for final edging up to a fully sharp blade with zero land ,which can be done if requested.The blade is hollow extra deep ground to achieve the required strength to weight ratio.It has a well formed wheel pommel with a down turned cross with a center cusp,classic late 15th century style,with leather bound  cord wrap grip.The whole sword is reminiscent of the Henry v sword from westminster,though not an actual copy.

Blade 77cm,OL 96CM,weight 1236g, c.o.p.11" from tip,26mm blade cord at this point,balance 5.5cm" from cross.Reinforced blade tip

Two Handed Sword £350 for sold