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Here are some pics of a Flemish inspired style of fluted armour made 2007-08.Apart from the helmet and sabbatons it is made from hardened and tempered carbon alloy steel sheet.This is much stronger and at least as strong as mild steel twice its thickness,and will always spring back to shape when flexed which is ideal for the fauld and culet of the cuirasse.The breast plate is 1.6mm,helm 2.0 mm,but many plates are only 0.92mm making the armour authentically light at about 50lbs,the weight saving being especially usefull on the arms and legs.This armour also has very authentic and durable steel hinges and buckles,and posses a feeling of being a real piece of armour with correct articulation.

Milanese Harness-  Again from fully hardened carbon steel,and elements based on the Friedrich I Armour from Vienna.

15th Century Milanese  Harness In The Syle Of The Missaglias'

Full authentic detail throughout