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Please note actual pieces in stock may sometimes have small differences to items in photo's

Splint Arms £220 pair these would have been used as muntian half armours known as Almain rivets late 15th early 16th century. IN-STOCK

Blued Finished with brass pierced edges,brass rivets and decorated buckle.Finish is a lot more striking than photo portrays.waist 90-105 cm approx.

Chruburg Styled Breast plate 1.6mm £250

Besegews £45 pair (normaly £60)in stock

Made from 1.2mm plate with spiral and straight flutes,leather lined with mounting strap and spare rivets.Ideal addition to finish of Arm defences.

Bevor With Falling Lame £90 in stock

18 gauge construction,with positive spring catch for top lame,steel buckle and mounting plate and the gorget pivots on the chin plate giving some neck movement.Also available in blued finish.

 Bevor With Falling Lame £90 in stock

As above but with scalloped decoration to the gorget and upper lame,as seen on many English church effigies all over the  harness.Perhaps to some a bevor in the English style!

Below 2 Munitian Falling bevors, one blued and one white £85 each in stock

3/4 Vambrace With Half Canons £350 pair  available for commission order

very beautiful shaped Lorenz Helmsmied couters

3/4 Vambrace £180 in stock

1.6mm couter and 1.2 mm canons,leathered and pointed articulated elbow. quality steel buckles and leather straps,no welding.

German Arms £350 in stock

Milanese symetrical Gauntlets £300 pair below
available for commission order

German Articulated Gauntlets £175 in stock(large and small )

copy of a C15th gauntlet now in the Royal Armouries,Fully shaped lames and sliding rivets give exellent movement.The plain style of the gadlings(knuckles)make this more of a munitian style.Also available in blued finish or with rounded cuff to special order,also £160

Vambrace Gauntlets£350 Pair
available for commission order

Based on churburg S40,cuff shaped to eliminate the need for lower canons

Circa 1495 Trasitional gauntlet £250 in
available for commission order

Here can be seen a gauntlet that displays features of the Gothic style,and the 16th century Maximillian style,hence the term Transitional.very well articulated with curved lames,sliding rivets and made from 1.2mm steel.

Finger Lame Inserts £70 pair in stock

Individual finger lame plates each with two rivets holding it to a quality piece of tan leatherCan be a good add on for most gauntlets including the two shown above.

Italian Half Mitten £250
available for commission order

This gauntlet has two finger plates for good protection and a well articulated cuff giving up and down and side movement due to curved lames an sliding rivets.

Fluted German style Plackart £65  in stock

Made from 1.6mm plate ,with strap and buckle,also leather pointing tab mounted internaly.

Gothic Breast plate £460 sold but one similar for £300 available now

1.6 mm plates all moving on sliding rivets.To fit 5ft 10 inch 90cm waist approx

Milanese Breast Plate £350 sold

An italian style breast plate made from 1.6mm steel plate,with deep form to the plackart in the Italian fashion.The upper breast plate is on a sliding rivet and leathers as are the first two lames of the fauld,the third being fully leather mounted giving good flexibility compared to other reproductions available.Three steel buckles and leather straps.Available for conission.

Talhoffer Buckler £65 in stock

A Star shaped buckler based on an illustration from a 1467 Talhoffer fight manual,beaten from 2mm plate and with hot forged handle.A unique and usable copy from a source reference point.Now also with trapping hooks and a deeper bowl allowing a flatter handle.Polished hammer finish and weighing 950 grams.A 10.25inch round buckler to a similar specin stock £55.

Three Lame Bevor £100 SOLD

This type of high bevor is suitable for use with a kettle hat,or even an open salet and has vision slits in the upper lame,and has two movable lames with spring catches to give the wearer the required amount of air or protection.This is based on a piece left behined by the Knights of st John after the siege of Rhodes late 15th century.


Half Greaves £250 in stock

A piece of armour usually not very well copied,these greaves have the full 'form' found on original armour following the muscle shape exactly.Made from 1.2mm steel,with leather straps and steel buckles.

Gothic Gauntlets £450 pair  SOLD similar pair available in hardened steel and 2 solid mitten finger lames£500,individual fingers can be added if needed

Fully pierced and fluted,with exelent articulation as well. 

Munitian Breast Plate  £200  sold

Made in one piece from 1.6mm steel plate,with two lames floating on leathers.It also has two cross over leather straps and steel buckles.Will fit a waist of 80-95 cm.

1450 Style Italian Tassets £100 pair

Made from 1.6 mm steel,includes straps buckles and rivets,A good addition to any breast plate.

Italian Vambrace£400 Pair

Symetrical vambrace of 1.2mm contruction,apart from 1.6mm Fluted elbow cop.Good degree of articulation with no gaps when arm is bent.

Also very strong double folded armour hinges,are very authentic touch to finish off.

Articulated Spalders £130 Pair   IN STOCK

The main spalder plate is made of 1.6mm steel with three 1.2mm lower plates on sliding rivets and leathers,and a hinged upper plate with point holes for mounting.This defence will allow the wearer to lift his arms above his head.

Spring Steel Sabbatons  £400 for sale

Highly flexible sabbatons each articulation is pivoting on a sliding rivet.

Seen here half made before heat teatment ,they can be made to fit at least shoe sizes 7-9.


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