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Tower Of London Joust

Last August 2007 i was lucky enough to be invited to an authentic joust held on the lawns that are sited in what was the moat of the Tower of London,only the third time this has hapened in it's entire history.This event was organised by Griffin Historical.The jousting was real with lances broken on the armour,and 9 different knights in full harness took part,3 of these armours were made by myself,several others had composite harness with numerous pieces which i had made.

My job was to repair the armour as the heavy hits took their toll on both harness and rider,this was due to the skill of the Knights ,and the high tilt barrier which meant the horses could not see each other and did not slow down or shy away due to a second counter barrier which narrowed the angle of attack of the lance,and reducing deflection.This joust proved that the target area of the armour needed to be at least 1.6mm hardened steel to withstand the impact,any mild steel was quickly damaged.

I also demonstated the armour and weapons so people could handle them.With my mobile field repair workshop actually worked on the making of some pieces,and roughed out a pair of milanese 'Avant' style gauntlets which are still unfinished if any body is interested in buying them,I will complete them.(now sold)

Here can be seen my workshop tent at the Tower.

Jouster seen in St George Armoury harness and horse armour including chanfron and crinet.

Here the jousters can be seen at the point of impact.